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QTConvert 1.4

  • Publisher:Lynn Pye
  • Version:1.4
  • Operation System:Only tested on OS X 10.3.2 with QuickTime Pro. Possibly lower requirements.
  • License:Freeware
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QTConvert 1.4Description

QTConvert allows you to convert QT formats such as AAC to AIFF Simple app and AppleScript allows users to convert files from one QuickTime recognizable format to another, including from protected AAC to AIFF (for example).There are three parts to QTConvert. The main part is the GUI application. Copy this to your /Applications folder and then use it to select files and convert them to any other available format. For example, you can select an AIFF file and convert it to WAV. If you install the Ogg Vorbis component for QuickTime, you will be able to import, export and play OGG files.Additionally, the application serves as a drop target, so you can drop batches of files onto the app and do batch conversions. Place the app in your dock for an even simpler drop solution.The second part is an iTunes Applescript. By placing this script into your ~/Library/QuickTime folder (create one if you don't have one), and restarting iTunes, you will now have a scripts icon in the iTunes menu. Select one or more tunes in iTunes and then select the QTConvertScript from the scripts folder and QTConvert will be launched to batch process the selected tunes from iTunes. You will have to reimport them to iTunes afterwards.The third part is a Contextual Menu Item, to be installed in ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items (again, create this folder if you don't already have one). This will allow you to right click on one or more files in the Finder and send them to QTConvert to batch process.What's New in This Release:Many thanks to Jonathan Barnette for the new QTConvert logo. Also, I fixed a bug related to the file name extension of the exported files. If a file name extension was less than 4 characters, spaces were appended, causing Finder some problems determining which application to use to open the thing with.And I also have attempted to address some compatibility issues with OS X 10.2.8. Namely, it was broken on 10.2.8 and hopefully is not now.

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